Dane County Regional Airport terminal consists of 13 gates on a single concourse with two levels. The inside of the airport has five restaurants and four shops. As already mentioned, several improvements were made to the airport, doubling the terminal area within the last several years. The terminal houses baggage claim area, shopping facilities, and counter queuing zone.

Business travelers can use the postal center, fax machines, conference facilities, and ATMs. The main terminal at MSN is currently served by United Express, Midwest Airlines, Midwest Connections, Northwest, Continental Express, Delta Connection, and American Eagle.

Level 1

Level 1 is also called the Arrivals and check-in level. It features rental car desks, three baggage carousels, airline ticketing desks, information counter, and greeter's lounge.

Level 2

Past security checkpoint, passengers enter Level 2, which is the Concourse level connecting to the parking ramp via skywalk. It features a business center, meeting & conference rooms, family lounge, food and drink establishments, and two security checkpoints, with passage to gates 1-13. The southern security checkpoint is dedicated to TSA PreCheck, while the northern one serves all passengers.