Duty free

After Security Screening

Madison XChange offers all things Wisconsin: badger, cheese, and Packer gear. Borrowing books through the shop's read and return plan is also conveniently available. It can be found near Gate 7.

Madison XPress is located at Gate 10 and sells refreshments, specialty gifts, newsstand items, and more.

CNBC News - Madison has the newest edition of magazines, in-store stocks, and everything in between. It can be located near Gate 5.

Ancora Artisan Coffee & Tea is located on the central food court and offers quality coffee beans and tea leaves. Taking in a glass of premium beer or wine is also an option, with freshly made sandwiches and snacks.

Metcalfe's Local to Go is located in the Central Food Court and serves visitors with sustainable, local foods, including Oakhouse Bakery Specialty Granola, Gail Ambrosius' Chocolates, Rickland Orchards' Granola Bars and Sprecher Brewery's Gourmet Sodas.

Before Security Screening

Lake Country Travel Mart offers fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, Cheeseheads, magazines, and more. It is located next to the main escalators.

Ancora Artisan Coffee & Tea can be found near the baggage claim area and is a second Ancora cafe for these waiting for arriving passengers.